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Red Sky
Red Sky SOLD
French Village
French Village (£200)
Approaching Storm
Approaching Storm
La Garciosa
La Garciosa SOLD
Corn Field
Corn Field (£300)
Storm (£200)
Mist (£250)
Cerise Field
Cerise Field (£550)
Mountain Mist
Mountain Mist



Orange Sunset (£180) SOLD
Egypt (Not for sale)
Glen (£550)
Mountain Village with Peach Sky (£550)
Emerald Lake with Orange Sky (£550) SOLD
Snow Mountain (£600) Withdrawn
Pink Sky with Orange Fence (£220)
Misty Valley SOLD
Yellow Sunset SOLD
Orange Fence in Aqua Field (£200)
Twilight (£120) SOLD
Cornish Landscape II
Cornish Landscape II (£120) SOLD
Harbour in the rain
Harbour in the rain (£450) WITHDRAWN
Yellow sky
Yellow sky with white fence (£80) SOLD
Orange sky with black fence
Orange sky with black fence (£80) SOLD
Landscape with black fence
Landscape with black fence (£450) SOLD
Shoreline Lake Garda
Shoreline Lake Garda (£600) SOLD
Monflanquin (£500) SOLD
Zennor in Winter
Zennor in winter (£650) SOLD
Lake and Mountains
Lake and mountains (£600)
Harbour with ropes
Harbour with ropes (Withdrawn)
Small Yellow field
Small yellow field (£80) SOLD
Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds (£150) SOLD
Pink and Yellow Field
Pink and Yellow Field (£150) SOLD
Seaside Carbis Bay
Seaside Carbis Bay (£150) SOLD
Cornish Coastline
Cornish Coastline (£100) SOLD
Zennor Bay
Zennor Bay SOLD
St Ives Harbour
St Ives Harbour (£275) SOLD
Golden Field
Golden Field (Withdrawn)
Lake Garda on a misty day
Lake Garda on a misty day (£500) SOLD
Orange Sky
Orange Sky (£450) SOLD
Rape Fields
Rape Fields (£500) SOLD
Golden Fence
Golden Fence (£650) SOLD


Lilac Field
Lilac Field (£650) SOLD


Turbulent Sea (£500) SOLD
Gower Three
The Gower Three (£650) SOLD
Spanish Landscape SOLD
Hot Landscape (£650) SOLD
English Afternoon (£500)

Aylesbury Vale from Whiteleaf
Aylesbury from Whiteleaf (£550 unframed / £650 framed) SOLD
Blue Lake Garda
Blue Lake Garda (£500) SOLD
Rape Field with blue
Rape Field with blue (£180) SOLD
Autumn Harvest
Autumn Harvest (£180) SOLD
Pink Field with spots
Pink Field with spots (£100) SOLD
Rock Estuary
Rock Estuary (£180) SOLD
Red and Green Landscape
Red and Green Landscape (£100) SOLD
Purple and Red
Purple and Red SOLD
Spume On The Gower
Spume On The Gower £600 SOLD
Orange Sky
Orange Sky SOLD
Little Seascape
Little Seascape SOLD
Blue and Yellow Landscape
Blue and Yellow Landscape SOLD
Blue and Orange Landscape with Fence
Blue and Orange Landscape with Fence SOLD
White Landscape
White Landscape £500 SOLD
Summer Landscape with Yellow Field
Summer Landscape with Yellow Field £400
Gower Seascape
Gower Seascape (£100) SOLD
Gower 2
Gower 2 (£250) SOLD
Gower 1
Gower 1 (£250) SOLD
Woodland in Springtime
Woodland in Springtime (£100) SOLD
Woodland In Spring
Woodland In Spring SOLD
Sunset - the Gower
Sunset – the Gower (£250) SOLD
Summer Landscape
Summer Landscape £400
Spring in the Desert
Spring in the Desert SOLD
Big Black
Big Black (£650)
Sunset Lake Garda
Sunset – Lake Garda SOLD
Misty Landscape - Lake Garda
Misty Landscape – Lake Garda SOLD
Blue Fence Green Spots
Blue Fence Green Spots SOLD
The Gower
The Gower SOLD
Spanish Village
Spanish Village SOLD
Orange and Red Field
Orange and Red Field SOLD
Springtime In Ronda
Springtime In Ronda (£400) SOLD
Orange Field with Blue Fence (Sold)
Orange Field with Blue Fence SOLD
Shore - Lake Garda
Shore – Lake Garda SOLD
Lake Garda, Italy
Lake Garda, Italy SOLD
Ronda, Spain In Spring
Ronda, Spain In Spring SOLD
Hampden Woods in Spring
Hampden Woods in Spring (£200) SOLD
Golden Field
Golden Field (£250) SOLD
Small Seascape
Small Seascape SOLD
Evening Shipyard (Sold)
Evening Shipyard SOLD
Yellow and Black Squares
Yellow and Black Squares (£400)
Desert Above Al Ain (Sold)
Desert Above Al Ain SOLD
Stony Shore (Sold)
Stony Shore SOLD
Golden Sky (Sold)
Golden Sky SOLD
Pink and Yellow (Sold)
Pink and Yellow SOLD
Hampden Woods (Sold)
Hampden Woods SOLD
Northern Lights (Sold)
Northern Lights SOLD
Blue Shipyard (Sold)
Blue Shipyard SOLD
Rain On The Lake (Sold)
Rain On The Lake SOLD
Pink Field Orange Fence (Sold)
Pink Field Orange Fence SOLD
Mountain Village
Mountain Village (£500) SOLD
Big Red
Big Red (£800)
Poppy Field
Poppy Field (£600)
Sunny Bay (Sold)
Sunny Bay SOLD
Pink Sky (Sold)
Pink Sky SOLD
Pink Field With Green Path (Sold)
Pink Field With Green Path SOLD
Yellow Field (Sold)
Yellow Field SOLD
Lakeside Village, Garda
Lakeside Village, Garda (£500) SOLD
Shipyard (£500) SOLD
Riva at Night
Riva at Night (£500) SOLD
Red Field
Red Field SOLD